Sound advice on issues at the intersection of business and IT

Your business goals remain the guiding principle for new IT solutions. 

Advancing digitalisation means that, more than ever, business objectives are leading to new IT solutions.

PNA offers a result-oriented and integrated vision for decision-making on digitisation issues. We analyse the relevant legislation and regulations, business processes, as well as business rules, data definitions and decisions, and ensure a match between your objectives, the necessary information and the various systems.

The result is that you are better and faster able to identify the bottlenecks and opportunities in your organisation and generate the right solutions from there.

In addition to our specific products and solutions, we also offer more general consulting services in the areas of knowledge analysis and modelling, law analysis, data management and model implementation.

Knowledge analysis

Knowledge is everywhere: in formal and informal documents, systems and databases, and in people's heads. Knowledge is generated by people, but in recent years increasingly by algorithms as well. Knowledge is crucial for decision-making, and thus for the optimal functioning of your processes.

We are able to make all knowledge that is important for your organisation visible and traceable. The cogNIAM® method guarantees the completeness and traceability of the secured knowledge. Our analysts are the most experienced experts worldwide for analysis based on Fact Based Modeling, BPMN 2.0/SBVR and DMN. Using cogNIAM®, possibly supported by our knowledge tools, you are able to increase the value of your knowledge capital.

Knowledge modelling

PNA makes the connection between processes, rules, data and semantics of your organisation visible. We have developed the knowledge molecule for this, which has been integrally incorporated into cogNIAM®. In this way, we not only model data and information, but also their meaning and the context in which they are used. Models can then be used without human intervention in no code / low code platforms. This brings true model-based software within reach, with the advantage of higher quality at substantially lower costs.

Law analysis

Laws and regulations are crucial to the functioning of your organisation. To ensure that you comply with legislation and regulations, and continue to do so, we have developed a practice-proven approach in cooperation with our clients. This approach provides for the translation of legislation and regulations into (digital) implementation. The approach, supported by our knowledge tools, ensures that legislation and regulations and implementation practice always correspond, i.e. compliance inside.

Our analysts will be happy to help you implement the approach, but also with the analysis itself.

Data management

You want to be able to control data: it must be reliable, correctable and accessible. However, data flows - both incoming and outgoing - have grown explosively and exponentially in recent years. To cope with this growth, data management is crucial. In our approach, which is based on DMBOK2, data management is ingrained, as it were, if only because we attach so much value to the meaning of data. Information about customers, for example, may well be stored in several systems, but it can also be used in very different ways by the various departments or employees in a company. It is therefore important to be able to use the same definitions in order to generate meaningful reports.

Model implementation

The cooperation with PNA does not have to stop after we have developed a knowledge model together with you. We can also support you in designing and realising the information systems based on your knowledge models. Because these models are so rich, we are able to generate many system components. But often additional design and programming work will be required. We focus on functionality, architecture, investments and risks, naturally using an Agile approach. We guide you through acceptance tests, implementation and evaluation of the system.

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