iKnow day 2022

On Thursday 10 November 2022 is the annual iKnow day of PNA.
The theme this year is: iKnow and the organisation.
The iKnow day takes place at the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven.

The iKnow day is the annual event where iKnow users and interested parties and the team behind PNA's iKnow suite meet.
Knowledge, experiences and new plans and ideas for the future of the iKnow suite and its use are shared here.


The day's program is aimed at both experienced iKnow users as well as interested parties who have not seen or worked with iKnow before.

In the morning we will organize parallel sessions for both groups:

  • In the session for new users, we introduce iKnow and its features
  • In the session for existing users, we present new features of iKnow and our plans for the future of the suite


In the afternoon, the program continues collectively and iKnow users share their real-world experiences.

The keynote of the day will be on the theme "iKnow and the organization": what organizational measures are needed to ensure that people can effectively and efficiently get started with iKnow?
Throughout the day, the program has plenty of room to exchange knowledge and experiences.

For whom?

The iKnow day is interesting for 'knowledge workers' in the broadest sense of the word:
If you work in practice with Data, Processes, Rules, Semantics, Legislation and/or Compliance then you won't want to miss the iKnow day on Thursday 10 November!