PNA, expert in knowledge management

We help organisations with knowledge-intensive challenges and lay the foundation for sustainable and intelligent use of knowledge. We want to give room to innovation and prevent waste of knowledge, time and money. To this end, we developed the cogNIAM® method, which is suitable for optimising any form of knowledge.

"Knowledge can be identified and structured in such a way that you can calculate with it. And in such a way that you can save time and money immediately and especially in the long term. That is what distinguishes PNA." - em. prof. dr. Sjir Nijssen.

Of course, accessible, manageable and productive knowledge is important to our organisation. We work with our cogNIAM method on a daily basis and time and again we provide incontrovertible proof that our method works and that it delivers unprecedented added value for companies. But even more than 'the how' and 'the what', 'the why' is important to us.


cogNIAM® is the name of the methodology with which we are inextricably linked. It stands for Cognition Enhanced Natural Language Information Analysis Method. With the cogNIAM® method, we secure knowledge in a structured manner, and make it practically applicable. We do this in natural language and with many concrete examples, so that everyone in the organisation understands what the rules are and why. This understandable knowledge forms the basis for your processes, procedures and systems.

Vision & Mission

Knowledge is becoming increasingly important, but wasting knowledge is still the order of the day. And this while there is no longer an excuse for wasting knowledge since the introduction of the cogNIAM® method.

Our mission is therefore: to prevent knowledge from being wasted. Of course, waste is always a waste. It costs a lot of time and money - time and money that goes up in smoke and does not contribute to the value of an organisation. How great would it be, if the resources that are currently wasted could be used for something more useful? That is why our vision is: "We help our customers to create space. Space that enables them to focus on their actual work, on innovation and improvement and on achieving agility and compliance.

The DNA of PNA

Our work is inspired by an idealistic idea. The idea that an exact approach to knowledge can prevent wastage of knowledge, time and money worldwide. Call us idealists. Call us do-gooders. But we believe in this approach. And we have been proving it for a long time.


Professor Sjir Nijssen, our founder, has been working for more than fifty years to teach people how to deal with knowledge more efficiently. In the 1970s, he discovered how you could identify, analyse and structure knowledge in such a way that you could calculate with it. As a result, specific knowledge can be made accessible to a larger group of people in understandable language. This can prevent waste and enable companies to flourish in their entrepreneurship.
His insight was the main driving force behind the development of the current cogNIAM® method. A scientific method that is central to PNA's approach. A method that enables organisations to deal sustainably with knowledge in practice, based on the current world standards in the field of knowledge management.

Our clients

Our clients include ABN AMRO, ADP, Tax and Customs Administration, European Space Agency, Erasmus University Rotterdam, Maastricht University, Moneyou, Obvion, Rijkswaterstaat and SVB. Our ideas currently serve as the basis for the current world standards in the field of processes, business rules and data management.

Our Partners

PNA believes in co-creation and works with partners on innovation projects at the cutting edge of Business & IT. We believe in partnerships that benefit all parties. Partnerships from which both parties learn and solutions that are tailor-made. And because we believe in the products and services we deliver together with customers, we are also regularly part of consortia.

Working at PNA

Do you want to work for large (inter)national organisations within an enthusiastic, dynamic and professional team? Then come and join us and help us expand our success in the challenging world of knowledge management. At PNA you work on interesting and complex projects. You will be given the space to realise your ambitions. We are proud of our knowledge products and solutions and we all radiate that!


PNA also regularly devotes attention to subjects that have a lot to say. In 2021, for example, we published a book on law analysis in cooperation with the Tax and Customs Administration.

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