Partners and cooperations of PNA

At PNA, we believe in co-creation. In cooperation. Because by cross-fertilising, by exchanging knowledge and information, you can grow and offer added value. Partnerships are the driving force behind our innovation. PNA has always worked closely with innovative projects in the fields of knowledge, data, processes and communication.

Common interests in knowledge management

With various parties we have formulated common strategic goals and share interests in the field of knowledge management. PNA is always open to new partners, no matter which sector they come from. For us, an open and innovative mentality is paramount.

Just as PNA does not think in standard solutions, we are also creative in our relationships with current and future clients: we believe in partnerships that benefit both parties. Partnerships from which both parties learn and solutions that are tailor-made. And because we believe in the products and services we deliver together with clients, we are also regularly part of consortia. We hope you will be inspired and look forward to hearing your ideas.

Perhaps that is the beginning of our joint success.

The Object Management Group is a consortium that works on the development and acceptance of world standards within the IT & knowledge sector. Today the focus is on the design of models and standards for programs, systems and business processes. PNA is as member of OMG and as representative of OMG within Europe closely involved in the creation and further development of the various standards.

Brightlands believes in facilitating talent, knowledge and ambition. The ELSA Lab Financial Health, Poverty and Debt is part of the Brightlands Smart Services Campus and aims to use data science and AI to reduce and prevent poverty and problematic debts in the Netherlands. PNA is part of this ELSA Lab, because of our focus on knowledge and "explainable AI" we can contribute to this goal. In addition, Maurice Nijssen, managing director of PNA, is a board member of the Brightlands Business Club, which establishes connections between entrepreneurs and the Brightlands organisation.

The partnership with Maastricht University is based on a number of shared motives: conducting scientific research and offering high-quality education. PNA regularly gives lectures in the field of knowledge management, digitalisation and business analysis.

Professor Frank Harmsen, director of PNA, is a professor of "Digital Enterprise / Transformation" at the University's School of Business and Economics (Frank Harmsen (A.F.) - Maastricht University ). In addition, we have been involved from the start in KE@Work (Honours programme ), a unique learning/working path of the Department of Data Science and Knowledge Engineering (DKE)

The Dutch healthcare system is in a state of flux. From one and the same treatment for all, we are moving towards care that is specifically tailored to the individual. This form of care is called precision medicine. At the end of 2019, the Personalised Healthcare Catalyst Foundation was established with the aim of accelerating the transition to personalised care. PNA is also a member of the alliance.

The Institute for Brilliant Failures (IvBM) aims to promote a climate for entrepreneurship by learning to deal with risks and to appreciate and learn from failures. PNA works together with the IvBM on BriMis, a digital learning environment that allows the IvBM to facilitate organisational learning in a simple and attractive way.


Knowtice supports organisations in a dynamic, knowledge-driven economy. To this end, it has developed the Knowledge Scorecard. This is an instrument that helps organisations and their employees to understand the value of knowledge, to reduce risks and to seize opportunities. Despite the awareness that knowledge is extremely important, a systematic overview of the knowledge capital in organisations is hardly ever made. This results in blind spots with all their consequences. With the Knowledge Scorecard, Knowtice introduces a method and a tool for carrying out the necessary analyses easily and independently. The solution is based on both scientific research and practical experience. The Knowledge Scorecard can be used by anyone who has an interest in measuring, improving and predicting the performance of a company. The tool therefore offers applications for various target groups such as investors, boards, managers, employees, consultancies and accountants. Knowtice is the result of a cooperation between PNA, COMPO and KnocoM.