Meet the ambitions of PNA

We help our clients to create space. Space that enables them to focus on their actual work, on innovation and improvement and on achieving agility and compliance.

Knowledge is becoming more and more important, but wasting knowledge is the order of the day.

Nowadays, there is no longer any excuse for wasting knowledge. PNA was once founded by Professor Sjir Nijssen in order to facilitate the real transfer of knowledge, between people or between people and machines, in a comprehensible and people-friendly manner. He quickly arrived at the greatest common denominator as the basic ingredient - our own (natural) language, but with a well thought-out, underlying structure and approach.

Through a series of successive inventions (NIAM, ORM2, Information Science, Knowledge Engineering, cogNIAM®) and the emergence of international knowledge modelling world standards (e.g. BPMN, DMN and SBVR), every person and every organisation is nowadays able to secure knowledge sustainably and apply it productively. It is not for nothing that one of PNA's former slogans was: "Knowledge engineering: reading, calculating and writing the knowledge society". Knowledge is, especially in the times we live in, and by definition in a modern knowledge economy, a great good. We are able to make knowledge live, to 'mobilise' knowledge!

At the same time, we still find that knowledge is spilt into every corner of our society, that it is not put to good use. Mistakes are not learned from, there is a lack of clarity about meaning and there is too much of a bonding of knowledge to a limited number of specific people, because knowledge is insufficiently recorded. This leads to misunderstandings at the very least, but can of course have much more dramatic consequences.

Our current mission, therefore, is to prevent knowledge from being wasted.

PNA presents itself as a "knowledge partner". PNA is still, in the spirit of what Sjir once conceived, a company that prevents knowledge from being wasted. It is not for nothing that our mission is: preventing knowledge from being wasted. We also do this, as Paul Iske always puts it, to fight against organised stupidity. If you don't have an overall view and insight, you will soon be working alongside or against each other. The fight against organised stupidity is, of course, closely related to the fight against knowledge wastage and knowledge obfuscation. Many organisations still fail to secure their knowledge in an accessible way - there is panic when employees with specific or rare knowledge disappear. We help to prevent this panic. We try to let organisations (but also society as a whole) benefit from brilliant failures - make mistakes, learn from them and make yourself better. This is only possible if you make the knowledge you have gained 'visible' and (re)use it.

Our vision: creating space for renewal and improvement

Of course, waste is always a waste. It costs a lot of time and money - time and money that goes up in smoke and does not contribute to the value of an organisation. How great would it be, if the resources that are currently wasted could be used for something more useful? That is why our vision is: "We help our customers to create space. Space that enables them to focus on their actual work, on innovation and improvement and on achieving agility and compliance. We do this by providing insight and real understanding. We dare to be different!"