Less misunderstandings with iKnow Semantics

With iKnow Semantics it is possible to model the semantics of a knowledge domain. With this you record the terminology and meaning centrally within your organisation, thus preventing miscommunication.

Understanding with iKnow Semantics

Does it happen in your organisation that people think they understand each other, but it turns out afterwards that terms have a different meaning? Is the meaning of terms in your organisation not clear to everyone?

Semantics is the art of assigning meaning. This is essential when working with data, rules and processes. Yet it is often neglected.

iKnow Semantics makes the clear definition of semantics an essential part of your organisation. Together with the other modules of the iKnow suite, iKnow Semantics forms a powerful pivot within that suite by capturing the meaning of every element - for instance a process step, an attribute in a rule or a value in the data model.

Key features

Defining terms in one place

Define all terms of your organisation in one place.

Concepts are connected

Relationships between terms are secured and recorded.

Link concepts to data, rules and processes

All terms can be linked to all parts of your model.

Multilingualism and language level

Define concepts in different languages and at different language levels

Understanding the relationships between concepts

In one overview, it is clear which terms your organisation uses and how they relate to each other.

The benefits

  • A central place for terms and definitions saves searching for the meaning of terms used in the organisation again and again.
  • Terms from external parties such as regulators are linked to the internal terms to enable automatically generated compliance overviews.
  • Jargon no longer forms a barrier for employees to master a new field of knowledge.
  • With iKnow Semantics homonyms are brought to the surface and it becomes clear to everyone which meaning of a term is meant.