iKnow Processes

With iKnow Processes it is possible to model the processes of a knowledge domain. These processes can be defined in Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN 2.0).

Streamline your processes on the basis of BPMN 2.0

Do you have sufficient insight into the processes carried out within your organisation? Are the processes within your organisation described differently each time?

With iKnow Processes you record your processes unambiguously and based on a standardised notation. Moreover, it offers all stakeholders insight into your processes: from technical developers and analysts to managers, lawyers, consultants and supervisors.

And when used together with iKnow Data and iKnow Rules, your organisation is able to really engage in process management: how can a process exist without referring to data or rules? In iKnow we record this link, of course!

Key features

Capturing processes with the world standard BPMN 2.0

With iKnow processes you can model processes in the world standard BPMN 2.0.

Linking process steps to data, rules and concepts

Each process step can be associated with data that is used or created, rules that are called up or concepts that add meaning.

Validating processes

Automatic validation of whether your processes comply with the BPMN 2.0 standard.

The benefits

  • Anyone can create complete, consistent and understandable processes with iKnow Processes.
  • Clearly documented processes make it easy for new employees to get to know the workings of the organisation.
  • Link processes and process steps to the other knowledge elements of the knowledge domain, such as concepts, data model and rules.