iKnow Data

Data is crucial for every organisation. But does your business have sufficient insight into this data? Are data models being created that are not understood by the business?

With iKnow Data you can map the information structures of your organisation in a comprehensible and clear manner, also establishing the coherence with processes, rules and semantics.

The foundation to build on

With iKnow Data it is possible to model the information structures of a knowledge domain. For this we use Fact-based modeling (FBM) as a method. This way you model in this worldwide recognised modelling language.

Key features

Understandable data model

Establish a formal but understandable data model using natural language.

Direct validation

Use concrete examples and the corresponding wording to validate the data model directly with the business.

Clear view, multiple perspectives

Insight into the entire model through a clear view, but also into specific parts of your business through multiple perspectives.

Relevant metadata

iKnow Data connects to your organisation, and not the other way around.

The benefits

  • The existing data situation in the organisation at the push of a button.
  • Achieving consistency through insight into existing data structures.
  • Visual representation makes data model transparent and accessible to all users.
  • Supports the practical use of the cogNIAM method.
  • Full traceability, by linking data model and source documents in iKnow Cognitatie.
  • Part of the fully integrated iKnow Suite, which enables the knowledge of the entire organisation to be secured, managed and deployed in one central location.