iKnow Cognitatie, the tool that makes your organisation compliant and insightful

With iKnow Cognitatie you manage the documents that have an impact on your organisation. Think of laws, policy documents, IT specifications. Or even emails in which decisions are made. With Cognitatie you can establish connections between texts within a document or between documents. By adding knowledge to these texts, you create a "Single Point of Truth": the central place for all knowledge in your organisation.

Discover a new way of managing your knowledge domain

Cognitatie is a tool focused on analysing and annotating matter and policy-relevant documents, such as customer requirements, as well as laws, regulations and policies. Cognitation is the only compliance management tool that intelligently bridges the gap between text and logic-based models. It brings all relevant information, such as relevant parts of documents, interpretation and other attachments, together in one place and provides the support to secure, manage and optimise the knowledge of your organisation in a structured way.

Cognitatie has proven itself in large government agencies and financial institutions. It is ideally suited as a shared basis and source of knowledge for both business and information analysis projects and offers efficient and sustainable risk management for organisations that must comply with regulatory requirements. 24/7 100% traceable and compliant. Unique to Cognitation is that it links annotated texts to structured, user-made models.

The benefits of iKnow Cognitatie

Innovative and flexible

Changing efficiently, responding to the market and innovating are made easier by an optimum understanding of the relationship between, for example, regulations and your policies, processes, data and rules.

Compliant and transparent

Laws, rules, protocols and requirements that apply to your organisation are brought together in a meaningful and searchable form. This makes it always transparent how and whether you are complying with the requirements or legislation.

Sustainable and future-proof

No more worries about changes in regulations or modified requirements. By securing the link between the requirements and your organisation, the 'as-is' situation is always clear. This allows you to respond quickly and efficiently to changes.

Understanding coherence

Cognitatie shows bundled knowledge of a certain topic, divided over several documents on the basis of links made. This way, you immediately get to the complete core of this topic, without having to consult all the different documents.

Changes in view

Cognitatie shows exactly what has changed in a modified document and what impact this has on previously established connections or knowledge linked to the document. The necessary action is thus immediately clear. Moreover, the recorded history makes time travel possible.

Policy mapping

Cognitatie shows at any time the connections between external documents such as laws and regulations, the policies formed on them and the internal activities determined on the basis of the policies.

Features and functions

Cognitatie has a broad scope, discover the unique functions our tool has to offer for your knowledge domain.

Document Management System

  • Loading and managing documents of different versions. Textual comparison of documents, including annotations on these documents
  • Direct interface with Wetten.nl and EUR-Lex (www.wetten.nl and www.eur-lex.europa.eu)

Annotating pieces of text

  • When annotating, also classify directly (i.e. create a structure in source text).
  • Assign annotations as an appearance of a concept (knowledge element being reasoned about) in a specific document.
  • Defining relationships between concepts.
  • Navigate between different appearances of the same concept within a document, but also across documents.
  • Include references to documents or contexts.
  • View changes, additions, deletions of annotations and relationships between concepts.

Annotating contexts

  • Compose contexts from multiple blocks of text in one document.
  • Compile contexts from blocks of text from multiple documents.
  • Filter text of document by context content.
  • Defining relationships between contexts.

Notifications and management modules

  • Receive messages when concepts, relations, contexts and references are changed and assign and process messages within user groups.
  • Set up own classification scheme for annotating and classifying.
  • Incorporate own meta-data elements for annotations, concepts, relationships and contexts.
  • Comprehensive authorisation, user and document management.
  • Reporting module for the creation and management of generic reports.
  • Create validations for testing annotations, concepts, relationships and contexts.

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