iKnow Screens

After modelling data, rules and semantics, iKnow Screens is a possible next step for creating and using a functional prototype, which can also serve as a blueprint for software development.

Understanding knowledge

Are errors in your specifications discovered late in the development process? Is it difficult to validate models with the business? Are expensive changes needed to applications without certainty about the outcome?
With iKnow Screens you have the possibility to present your modelled knowledge in a prototype. This allows you to validate this knowledge in an early stage by users, without that user having to have knowledge of the modelled processes, data models, rules or terms. Errors in the models are thus quickly found and can be solved at an early stage.

Key features

Prototype based on your knowledge model

Generate a prototype based on the modelled data, rules and processes.

Build screens with your model parts

Create your own screens by dragging and dropping parts of your model into them.

Link process steps to screens

Determine which steps in your process are in which screen.

The benefits

  • Generate an application based on the captured knowledge.
  • Test the modelled knowledge on the basis of this prototype and gather feedback without programming costs.
  • Determine what an application based on the knowledge model should look like for the end user.
  • Intuitive operation so that any user can create a prototype.