Complex issues, smart solutions

Organizations are increasingly confronted with ever faster changing legislation and regulations.
Ever larger amounts of information must be processed. Increasingly complex protocols and customer requirements regularly put your organization under pressure.
In order to maintain control over your business operations, it is necessary to keep a grip on processes, rules, data and semantics.
PNA can help you with that.

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Nov. 2, 2023 - iKnow day PNA

The iKnow day is the annual event where iKnow users, interested parties and the team behind PNA's iKnow Suite meet.


PNA seeks law analysts

Come join our team and help expand our success in the challenging world of law analysis and compliance.


We cannot say it better ourselves

"Make sure that all the data and rules we use digitally are traceable to laws and policies and where we can't do that, there is a policy missing OR we are processing something we shouldn't."

Legislative analysis: agile from laws to implementation

In recent years PNA, together with the Tax Authorities and others, has developed an approach that ensures compliance with laws and regulations. We call this: law analysis. With law analysis we achieve agile execution of legislation: processes and information systems are linked one-on-one to laws and regulations. When laws and regulations change, the processes and information systems change with them.

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PNA offers integral and solution-oriented advice on issues at the intersection of business and IT. We work on a project basis with our clients on complex issues in the area of knowledge management and data management.

With our help, you will achieve sustainable agility in your business operations and your organization will always be compliant. Our cogNIAM method, people, software and training help you to make your knowledge capital productive. Analysing and modelling knowledge is our great strength.


PNA offers innovative knowledge management software for analysing, structuring and securing knowledge capital, with the cogNIAM method as its iron clad foundation. We help companies to be agile, efficient, compliant and transparent.

iKnow: PNA's platform for an efficient, transparent and agile knowledge-based organization.

iKnow Cognitatie

For annotating, classifying and connecting information from different sources.
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iKnow Semantics

iKnow Semantics makes clearly defining semantics an essential part of your organization.
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iKnow Data

With iKnow Data you map out the information structures of your organization in a comprehensible way.
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iKnow Rules

With iKnow Rules you can model the rules of a knowledge domain.
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iKnow Processes

Streamline your processes with iKnow Processes.
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iKnow Screens

Present your modelled knowledge in a prototype.
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PNA has a leading position in the development of open knowledge standards. We like to share our knowledge through high quality workshops. Below is an overview of our standard workshops. But of course we can also deliver tailor-made workshops.

cogNIAM® core

In the cogNIAM® core course, you will learn the underlying principles of the cogNIAM® methodology, using concrete examples that everyone can understand.


cogNIAM® is the method for bringing knowledge to the surface according to a fixed working method, and thereby creating comprehensible business models. Experience the advantages of sustainable, integral specifications in the open world standards BPMN, DMN and FBM.

BPMN 2.0

More insight into your business processes? With the PNA Best Practice for BPMN 2.0 you get access to our extensive practical experience and you can confidently get started with the standard for process modelling.


DMN is the international standard for modelling business rules. Learn how to get a better grip on rules, create transparency in the complexity between rules  and make rules accessible for a broad target group by using DMN.


Are you experiencing a gap between business and IT? Do you have a need for unambiguous functional and technical specifications? During this workshop, you will learn how to record information in a comprehensible and structured manner by means of Fact Based Modelling.

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