Meet iKnow

PNA offers innovative software for analysing, structuring and securing knowledge capital, with the cogNIAM method as a rock-solid foundation. We help government organizations and companies to be agile, efficient, compliant and transparent. iKnow: PNA's platform for an efficient, transparent and agile organization based on knowledge. And that knowledge can be anywhere: in people's heads, in systems, in documents. That is what makes iKnow so suitable for applications like Law Analysis, because it is about knowledge that is "hidden" in laws and regulations.

Knowledge at work

Inspired by working with users of earlier versions of our tooling, and combined with our insights into knowledge modelling, PNA has developed an integrated platform of tools for quickly and effectively analysing and capturing knowledge. The tools can be used both stand-alone and connected.

Analysis takes place on source texts, and is translated - including intelligent bidirectional linking to the underlying source texts - into knowledge models. Such a knowledge model in turn consists of interrelated data, rule and process models, including the meaning of the various model elements. All this is based on open standards including BPMN, DMN and FBM.

The value of the captured knowledge is enhanced by its integration: knowledge about processes, data, rules and semantics does not stand alone, but is fully connected in a common repository. In this way, optimum consistency, clarity and mutual understanding are achieved.

The iKnow suite

Tooling based on years of research and development

Research is in our genes. At the end of the 1960s, Sjir Nijssen started the scientific research that forms the basis of our approach. And we continue to do so today. Contributing to knowledge standards, developing best practices and the further innovation of our products and services. We don't keep all that knowledge and experience to ourselves, but make it available in the form of the iKnow Suite. So that every professional and every organisation can achieve the desired efficiency, transparency and agility.

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