Workshop cogNIAM® core

Looking for an unambiguous and reliable way to capture the knowledge and experience of everyday practice and translate it into requirements, specifications or models? Then let us teach you in one day the basic principles we have been applying for decades to make this happen.

How do I ensure that my systems, processes and accountability documents are in line with daily reality on the shop floor?

In the cogNIAM® core course, you will learn the underlying principles of the cogNIAM® methodology: using very concrete and understandable examples, you will map out step by step what knowledge is needed to steer the processes within an organisation in the right direction, how this is related to other matters and what rules apply.

The method is designed to enable an analyst to translate expert knowledge and experience into versatile models without assumptions.

Bas van de Laar

Solution Manager

Open workshop cogNIAM® core, High Tech Campus Eindhoven

  • 1-day workshop from 10:00 to 17:00, including lunch.
  • 4 starting points per year.
  • Available in Dutch and English.
  • € 295,- (excl. VAT) per participant. Maximum 8 participants per workshop


New dates will be announced soon.

Due to COVID-19 our workshops are temporarily offered virtually.

What will you learn in this workshop?

  • You will learn the usefulness and necessity of recording knowledge in models and glossaries.
  • You will learn the distinction between process, data, rules and semantics and the benefits of integrally capturing these aspects of knowledge.
  • You will learn how the use of concrete examples makes it possible for knowledge holders in their own organisation to participate in the modelling process in their own language and thus to enforce that the created model exactly matches their input.
  • All of the above at entry level; experienced professionals can use the cogNIAM® principles to apply their existing skills in a new way, novice analysts lay a solid foundation for a follow-up course in process, data or control modelling.

About cogNIAM®

cogNIAM® is a unique method which, on the basis of repeatable protocols, helps to convert knowledge into business models. In doing so, cogNIAM® uses natural language and examples to keep the models understandable and validatable for everyone. cogNIAM® combines open world standards to record processes, data, rules and semantics in a coherent way.

The unique advantages

  • You obtain your knowledge directly from the source. PNA is the founder of the cogNIAM® method and was at the cradle of various world standards, including BPMN 2.0, DMN and FBM. Our teachers have extensive practical experience in (inter)national organisations.
  • Our method results in 100% complete, correct and consistent requirement specifications.
  • Use your own business case during the workshop. This way, the knowledge you have gained can be used immediately within your organisation.