We like to share our knowledge

Learn more about our workshops in the global standards BPMN, DMN, FBM and our own cogNIAM® method.


PNA has a leading position in the development of open knowledge standards. We like to share our knowledge through high quality workshops. Below is an overview of our standard workshops. But of course we can also deliver tailor-made workshops.

cogNIAM® core

In the cogNIAM® core course, you will learn the underlying principles of the cogNIAM® methodology, using concrete examples that everyone can understand.


cogNIAM® is the method for bringing knowledge to the surface according to a fixed working method, and thereby creating comprehensible business models. Experience the advantages of sustainable, integral specifications in the open world standards BPMN, DMN and FBM.

BPMN 2.0

More insight into your business processes? With the PNA Best Practice for BPMN 2.0 you get access to our extensive practical experience and you can confidently get started with the standard for process modelling.


DMN is the international standard for modelling business rules. Learn how to get a better grip on rules, create transparency in the complexity between rules  and make rules accessible for a broad target group by using DMN.


Are you experiencing a gap between business and IT? Do you have a need for unambiguous functional and technical specifications? During this workshop, you will learn how to record information in a comprehensible and structured manner by means of Fact Based Modelling.

Tailor-made workshops

In addition to open workshops, we can also provide a tailor-made workshop at a location of your choice.

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