Data insight

Many organisations currently deal with their data in an extremely labour-intensive manner. While insight into the data with which the organisation works is of great value, a concrete approach to achieving this goal is lacking. With the right approach, organisations can respond more quickly to market developments, customer wishes or changes in regulations.

Organisations cannot do without data. PNA offers an approach to map all knowledge about the data that plays a role within your organisation. After all, in order to use the available data correctly and to implement unavoidable changes efficiently, insight into the data structure is required. As PNA we even go a step further, because in addition to the data structure, we also record the link with processes, rules and semantics. What emerges is a kind of 'blueprint' of the *(data within the) organisation.

Insight in data?

It is said often enough: "Data is the new gold!" But then we need to know where that gold is. Because honestly... If you are asked the question "what data is needed for ABC report", can you answer it immediately or do you need to do a lot of research?

Why processes, rules and semantics?

Data in itself is interesting, but does not say much. Is it data we produce ourselves? How should this data be interpreted? In the context of processes, business rules and terms, we only see which data is created where, where it is used, which rules this data must comply with and what meaning may be attached to it.

What does that look like?

That depends on the wishes of the organisation and what the knowledge is needed for, of course. If it is the wish to develop a new application on the basis of the Knowledge Model, we can make a prototype. If a change has to be made, we will make an impact analysis based on the data model.
The knowledge from the Knowledge Model can be made available at any moment in the form desired by the organisation.

What will we notice?

It is said often enough: "Data is the new gold!" But then we need to know where that gold is. Because honestly... if you are asked the question "what data is needed for ABC report?" can this question be answered immediately or does it require a lot of searching?

Who is needed for that?

We can provide all the manpower, but without access to your organisation's subject matter experts, we can't move forward. So we are always looking for the 'SME' (Subject Matter Expert) for each topic.
In addition, we like to ensure that the organisation does not become dependent on our efforts, so during or after the content work on the model we will also provide training for the people who will maintain the Knowledge Model after our departure.

What does it take to conduct a law analysis?

For capturing, managing and viewing the Knowledge Model, we have the iKnow Suite at our disposal, a combination of various modules to capture and integrate all types of knowledge within the organisation. To really get started, we also have the available documentation, examples and

Data is customised. That is why all the projects that we carry out for clients in this area are also customised. In recent years, we have assisted many organisations to gain insight into their data and to keep it that way. With a combination of our approach, supporting tooling, experienced colleagues and training, we relieve organisations of the burden of data management.

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